Karaoke Limo Hire in Essex..

Are you a Karaoke legend? Have your friends nicknamed you after a rock star you look like or sound like? Well, if you’re into Karaoke why not complete the image of a rock star and rollup to the venue in a stylish hired limo. Size does matter. Rocking up to your Karaoke gig in a stretch limo will not only impress your fans but will also make your competition choke with envy. If you hire a limo with built in Karaoke function you can practice your singing on the way to the venue.

Ever been to Wickford in Essex? You should visit the MHST Club in Market Road. MHST is a mixed age members’ bar. They have fantastic plasmas sound systems, karaoke discos, ‘SUN’ newspapers and on Tuesdays and Thursdays, the ‘2007 pub idol barmaid of the year’, Michelle Wilson, serves drinks. What more can anybody need from a club?

After your performance, you’re surrounded by fans both old and new and they seemingly can’t get enough of you, the limo provides a safe haven for you to escape to. On the other hand, you may choose to use your hired limo to entertain them. Take them for ride; your chauffer is ready and willing to drive you where ever you care to go. And, if you hired a limo with built in Karaoke function you can give your fans even more and sing away to your heart’s content.

So whether you’re a wannabe rock star or you just want to have fun night out with a group of friends and sing your favourite songs as you go clubbing, there is a limo available to cater for your needs. If you are performing at a new venue or are going to be singing something new you don’t need the extra hassle of having to drive. Relaxing in the back of the limo is a great way to steady the nerves and prepare yourself for the big event.

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